Are You A Dealer 2.0 Yet?

As we enter an age of being online all the time, the internet is no longer a separate faction of the human experience. It’s not just an occasional tool – it’s an extension of ourselves. With that being said, the way in which we do business is undergoing drastic changes. Whether the old-school salesperson likes it or not.

The days of Auto Dealer 1.0 are over, where people relied on a handful of reasonably available sources to make the best automotive decision. One source being the salesperson, another being the ads they’d seen about the product, and the other being what they’d heard from friends and family. Relationships were built upon an entirely different foundation before Kelly Blue Book was at the fingertips of damn near every customer.

Whether you’re a top dawg, an old dawg, or a green pea, if you’re experiencing strain because of the saturation of over-information and how it’s affecting the way your dealership system works, you may not be part of a true Dealer 2.0 yet.

Here are 5 key signs you’re not a Dealer 2.0:

1. Your dealership doesn’t have an active & engaged social media suite (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)

2. Your dealer has an AutoTrader account but not a account.

3. Your dealership website is not 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

4. You don’t have one person delegated to handle all of the leads or an effective system for distributing the internet leads you do get.

5. Your dealership doesn’t aggressively post, refresh and maintain inventory ads on

I’ll take it one step further. Unless your own dealership’s website is in the Top 10 Most Visited Websites in USA like is, your entire inventory should be regularly posted on Craigslist. Otherwise, you’re just not quite a full Dealer 2.0. 


4 thoughts on “Are You A Dealer 2.0 Yet?

    • Sure is! And just how forms of media like print, radio, and television created a need for a strong marketing force in those areas, the advent of social media has essentially begun taking hold. Social Advertising. Whether you’ve got a law firm, doughnut shop or automotive dealership – social marketing is a must. Thanks for the comment!

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