Got Monroney?

Don’t know the specific gear ratio of a pre-owned 3/4-ton truck a customer is inquiring about? No problem. Research Maniacs has got your back.

The Monroney Window Sticker is one of the many facets of the new car buying experience, and now thanks to Research Maniac’s specific VIN number Lookup tool, it doesn’t have to be limited to just brand new vehicles.

Why is this so damn awesome?

Imagine every pre-owned unit on your lot having a professional original window sticker slapped on the inside of the passenger window. Was that the overall appearance of your inventory you just felt improving? You bet it was.

Also, aside from reminding people of the significant savings they’ll be receiving by choosing a vehicle with a few miles on it over a new one, a true Monroney sticker will have VIN-specific information regarding every detail of the add-ons that could otherwise have remained a mystery. Did it come with that premium sound system or was it installed afterwards? The window sticker will shed light on details that would’ve been left in the dark, or had to have been painstakingly tracked down manually. This means no more wild guesses as to what exact EPA ratings are on that fresh Suzuki you know very little about.

Transparency. Self-assurance.

Why let the customer fumble around utilizing numerous resources to gather tidbits of information that you don’t know? Take care of that for them ahead of time. Get a Monroney.


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