3 Ways Google Glass Will Change The Auto Industry

The buzz and controversy surrounding Google’s upcoming wearable computer Google Glass is tangible. Naysayers argue it will remove any trace of privacy left in modern day society, disbelievers shrug it off as a gimmick that will quickly fade, and everyone else recognizes the potential it has for changing the world in a similar fashion that smartphone technology did. No, cancer’s not being cured and we have yet to colonize Mars, but sometime in 2014 we’ll be able to have an optical head-mounted display device that will overlay information on top of our vision. Hands free.

Undoubtedly, the global conversation about this budding technology has just begun. If you were one of the few lucky ones to receive the opportunity to own the prototype Explorer edition, you’ve already had the chance to see firsthand how this technology opens the door for future advancements. Joe Levy, the CEO of clearCi, has already addressed how it will affect these five prospective industries. But what about the auto industry?

For starters…

1. Real-time access to KBB, NADA and VIN-scanning applications will give customers an unparalleled level of transparency within the industry. It’s inevitable that people will be able to walk through a car lot, looking around at the inventory, and in a similar way that facial recognition software works be able to see information on each specific vehicle. Fair market values will hover in their vision as they gaze at that 2011 Toyota Prius on your lot.

2. Customer Relationship Management Software, turbocharged. Although CRM has yet to dominate the mobile market, there may just be a bigger demand for CRM in the wearable computing market. Applications that would be able to recognize faces, create customer profiles, include notes, and more. Looking at a previous client would bring up a list of their favorite hobbies, their family and pets, etc. You know, the stuff you’d write down anyway. Except available at the tip of an eyelash.

3. Augmented Sales Training. The way we educate our salespeople will be altered. The days of being able to role play certain situations with AI through an advanced augmented sales training program are likely not far off. In the meantime, perhaps we’ll be entertained by some POV-examples of sales encounters recorded by expert salespeople who have donned the Glass for that singular purpose.

Google Glass may just be one small step for technology but one giant leap for augmented reality. Whether the Glass itself perfects the technology or not, one thing is for certain: it could definitely be the catalyst to a new way of buying and selling cars.


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