The Mobile Revolution In CRM Is Just Heating UP

I’ll admit it: I’ve truly grown to hate desktop CRM software. Not for reasons of laziness or for lack of productivity but because I, like many Americans, have gotten accustomed to being able to access the Internet and transmit data wherever I’m at, at any point in time. I like being online all the time. Connected to the tools I need to get shit done.

Why Mobile CRM Is The Path To A New Future:

Time is the one thing you can’t get back. Every time you have to run into your office to log clientele information, you’re missing fresh lot ups. You’re missing the action. You’re not out on the prowl, seamlessly tracking customer data while preparing for another sales encounter.

Anyone in car sales will tell you that time spent away from the lot – unless working some immediate deal – is valuable time lost. It’s money lost. Now, if you’re in your office working internet leads, prospecting, taking phone calls, or whatever, it’s absolutely part of the process.

The data-logging side is a critical step to that process but usually chains you down to index card/notebook logging in your office or, more recently, your favorite CRM software on your computer. Until now, that is.

Revolutionary mobile apps like Base CRM are paving the way for a more efficient future in sales. Living and dying by the lot is no way to build a career, but with Post-PC software now on our persons, we can input data into our CRM system on a real-time basis and do so while still interacting with the world. Free from the shackles of the computer chair.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, most dealerships are just now getting up to par with the age of Auto Dealer 2.0, so desktop CRM is still the dominating method of tracking leads and customer relationships. However, as we progress, doesn’t it make sense to take full advantage of the rapid advancement of technology? The tech is there. The ease of use is there.

So the question is a relatively simple one: how long until you and your dealership join the Post-PC CRM Revolution?



3 thoughts on “The Mobile Revolution In CRM Is Just Heating UP

  1. I enjoyed your post, I don’t know what CRM is but I like your flow and I love a beautiful car. Looking forward to reading more and learning more! Oh, thanks for liking my GPS post!

    • Haha, thrilled you enjoyed the prose! CRM is Customer Relationships Management software used by most businesses, especially car dealerships, to track and maintain clientele relations.

      More to come for sure!

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