How to Build Your Personal Brand? Passion, Pride and Integrity!

Without creating a killer ethos through branding, your technology efforts will be lacking. Rick’s got fantastic insights into this very subject.

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Definition of “Branding”:  The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products

Personal Brand

I had a short Twitter conversation the other day with Ryan Nolan about social media use by PGA Golf Professionals in terms of increasing awareness about what they do, what programs they have for coaching and how they use social media.  The quick exchange skewed towards email lists and software programs.  I was trying to ask a question about how PGA Members might actively engage different golfer demographic groups using social media.  Instead, Ryan engaged me with talking about the acquisition of email lists and distribution.

That got me thinking about what I do each day and how my activities tie into any business.  I partner with people to help grow their personal and facility specific brands, fostering a “trusted advisor” philosophy.  Yes, the end goal is…

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10 thoughts on “How to Build Your Personal Brand? Passion, Pride and Integrity!

  1. It is a good blog. Even though my brand has nothing to do with golf, it is interesting how many transferable ideas there are. I’ve been reassessing my brand recently, and realised that I had it completely around the wrong way!

  2. My! You ARE a handsome man. Haha. Anyway, thanks for following my blog. I look forward to reading your posts. Cheers. MI

      • Any time.

        Care to see some of my radiance upon the screen? I could link you to my latest vlog post.

      • Wonderful!

        Is there any particular content on your site that could help an indieauthor like me?

      • Being a man who is primarily a salesman first, technologist second, I’m sure you could extract value from most of the content. No matter what industry anyone is, sales- the ability to influence others and market a product, service, or oneself – is at the heart of it. I’ve made it a mission to shed light on ways I perceive technology to be strongly affecting the premise of how we communicate and market to each other. I intend to not just provide practical solutions, methods to implement, and patterns to observe but also to open up a bigger discussion about where it is all going and where we want to take it.

        As an indieauthor, I’m sure you have a vested interest in the way your customers and future customers are choosing to communicate and consume content, right?

        Also, intrigued to see any countering opinions or parallels between industries and passions as my site explores the fabric of sales and technology that connects us all.

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