Mobilize Or Die Trying

It’s no secret that when it comes to marketing, we have got to provide consumers with ways to spread our business using their preferred methods of communication.

Circa 2009, the breakdown of preferred methods of communication discovered by a Success Magazine readership survey looked like this:

  • Text Messaging 3%
  • Social Media 5%
  • Phone 13%
  • Face-to-Face 39%
  • Email 40%

Remember, this was a mere four years ago. Fast forward to 2013 where the preferred method hierarchy is seemingly more like this…

  • Text Messaging All the percents
  • Social Media All the percents
  • Eyeball-to-Eyeball None of the percents

And it’s a wonder we’re even functioning as a society that can exist without a mobile medium to act as the middle man of communication. Of course, with devices like Telepathy One and Google Glass posed to totally disrupt the mobile computing market we’re most likely looking at a push towards literal telepathic communication.

In the meantime, tailoring the customer experience to fit each individual’s mobile lifestyle will require totally abandoning your own preferred methods of communication. Maybe you’ve got a dumbphone still and hate texting, or perhaps you’ve got a smartphone but rarely dabble with Twitter or Facebook. If that’s the case, listen, you’re going to need to reconsider that game plan. If you’re a salesperson who thrived in the 90’s because of your devotion to always staying connected with your clientele, why cut yourself off now? Sending mailers, post cards, and handing out business cards are great – to the extent that they will interact with people. The beauty of always sending mail and cards to customers in the past was to stay visible. If your birthday or holiday card got hung up on the refrigerator, it was outstanding. You’d be in front of their face at breakfast every morning and supper every night. With the various new mobile lifestyles of consumers, you’ve got the opportunity to be in their pocket. 

What’s one way you can mobilize the customer experience?

Don’t be afraid of texting. People believe what they see more than what they hear, so even if you’ve got a customer on the phone who absolutely needs an offer, go ahead and shoot them a text so there’s no confusion. Of course, keep them on the line!

Also, don’t just be unafraid of texting – dominate it. Technological agility truly comes into play in this arena. I had a prospect text me at nine o’ clock in the evening one night inquiring about a Craigslist ad of mine. I immediately responded and ended up setting an appointment to meet up with him first thing the following morning. Just a few hours later, as he was taking delivery of his newly purchased Ford F-250, he made a remark that he hadn’t expected me to reply so soon. If I hadn’t, due to his absolutely insane work schedule, he wouldn’t have been able to meet up with me anytime soon. The window of opportunity would have been closed and most likely he would have stumbled into a different automotive solution somewhere else on the fly.  No one else got the chance because I beat them to it first, and remarkably enough, new research shows that being first trumps all else.

New research shows people’s preferences are unconsciously and immediately guided to those options presented first, especially in circumstances when decisions must be made without much deliberation.

In three experiments, when making quick choices, participants consistently preferred people and consumer goods presented first, as opposed to similar offerings in second and sequential positions.

– Business News Daily

Those who are technologically agile have already begun mobilizing their sales process to fit the mobile lifestyle of their prospects. They’re posting pictures daily on Facebook, they’re joining the conversation on Twitter, and they’re constantly identifying how their niche of consumers choose to communicate; how they choose to consume and share content. 

The mobile lifestyle of the 2010’s is providing us with more intimate opportunities to get involved with our customers. The best part? It’s just begun.


4 thoughts on “Mobilize Or Die Trying

  1. This was great information. I really appreciate what you do and have to offer those like myself who are working to maximize theses mediums in communication with our audiences.

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