3 Ways To Completely Immerse Your Customers

You’ve got a spectacular service or product. Something truly special that provides value to people in a big, unique way. It deserves the ranting and raving of a loyalist following: people who are drenched in the philosophy, who breathe in your product and exhale the message.

You need to thoroughly immerse your customers in you. The big question is how.

1. Provide multiple avenues of conversation. Your customers are people who are living in the age of the social web. Utilize that. Be where they are and be there in a way that consistently engages them. Most importantly, custom tailor your approach with each individual. There are customers I have who are friends with me on Facebook but who don’t follow me on Twitter. Not because they don’t use Twitter, but because the distinctive way in which we use Facebook to connect is the ideal method for that individual. Could I reach out to them on Twitter? Of course. But is it always appropriate? Not necessarily. Quality over quantity when it comes to your social media efforts is an art that seems to get lost in the attempt for market domination.

2. Text them often. Or at least somewhat often. It’s still a tool that’s underused by many salespeople and it shouldn’t be. For every letter you would mail your customer, have three text conversations. They’re easy to facilitate and take less commitment than an entire phone call. Plus, they fit into their mobile lifestyle. As I pointed out in a previous post, text messaging is the number one preferred method of communication for the time being.

3.  Treat their referrals like kings and queens. Even if you’re already absolutely committed to the servicing of the average prospect who is just learning about you, providing a dedicated level of servitude to the people that are being referred to you is a great way to build upon what seeds you’ve planted in the referrer. If Bob had a terrific experience, sends his cousin your way and later on hears about how you went above an beyond for his cousin, it’s as if you went above and beyond again for Bob. Every prospect is important, but to truly immerse your customers you’ve got to go the extra ten miles for the people close to those who have already begun the process of becoming a loyalist. Sow your seeds far and wide, but never stray too far that you can’t handle cultivating the crops that have already started growing.


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