Garrett Luttrell believes in carving tangible solutions from the beauty of life’s chaos.

Garrett has been a published author since the ripe age of 15, selling books door to door and orchestrating book signing events at stores, libraries and schools to push his novel into the hands of the public.


An automotive salesman at heart, he’s driven to expand the effectiveness and impact of the traditional internet sales department. Where others see a separate department for marketing and lead generation, Garrett sees the next evolutionary step in the way we do business with each other. Not just in the automotive industry, either.

When he’s not busy solving automotive problems and creating new systems for the dealer-to-consumer interface, Garrett is an auto broker for smaller dealers that lack a fully developed internet marketing force.

A technologist and mobile developer by interest and necessity, Garrett Luttrell is building bridges over the gaps being created by the tearing down of walls between business and technology.

These are his words. These are his plans. These are his pursuits.


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    • Thanks for the good wishes! The publishing and marketing process is a never-ending journey. Appreciate you stopping by my space here at GRAYLU.

  1. good luck! I have just finished a second draft of a novel, working on a third, and beginning to learn about the publishing process. Seems like it was easier for Jane Austen!

  2. Do you have a link to your book on Amazon or whichever site it is available from please? I have self-published several collections of short stories which can be found on Amazon. Best of luck with your writing.

  3. Garrett
    I have a grandson named Garrett, who is also a car buff. maybe comes with the name?
    thank you for following the ADD blog,hope you will find it interesting and useful
    best wishes

  4. Garrett, thank you for the like on my blog. You provide a needed service in helping smaller dealerships to leverage the digital realm. Best of luck. Tony

  5. Garrett, thanks for stopping by totalsalesmanager. I second the comment that marketing books is extremely difficult. Much easier to write one.


  6. Garrett, best of luck in all of your endeavors. I have a feeling I could learn a lot from your success’! Keep up the hard work. I look forward to your future postings!


  7. So this is how I got into blogging only starting 3 weeks ago because I would post my thoughts on fbook, and people kept saying, “you need to write a book!” I have always liked playing with words and wrote a collage of poems in 7th grade, so I guess this writing thing really is a part of me…..but a book? Hmm. I admire people like you who steps out and goes for it! Blessings to you :0)

  8. Thanks for stopping by climbinghigher.org….we are in the process of publishing a book to come out mid November…marketing is the hardest part of the whole endeavor. Your door to door gig was ambitious and intuitive to what it takes. Best wishes to you as you continue your journey in blogging and marketing…what ever the product!

    • Thanks for the kind words and input, appreciate you stopping by! Good luck with the book release in November – the publishing and marketing journey is a mountain to climb unto itself. Something tells me you’ll scale it just fine!

  9. Hey Garrett!
    Working like you do is changing the way people look at your skills. I used to work in automotive repair among other things. I think that marketing is a way of getting to others in order to get them out of a slump as the world changes without them. Love for what you do helps a lot to make your goals become true. If you have read more of my posts, my difficulties in life made it a mess which have been trying very hard to get so much better & get my life on track in having a business mind & working again. Thanks for following my blog & liking the post of “Why Marketing Appeals To Me”. it means a lot to put forth the effort to make something of myself now. Am getting there & soon will get others to notice me.

    • Rodney, thanks again for stopping by and I appreciate the words of encouragement! I’m looking forward to connecting with you further and enjoy your insights into marketing as well. You’re getting there right now. You’ve got my attention, Rodney! Stay hungry, stay determined. You’ve got value to provide for the world – stay committed to providing it.

      • Yes Luttrell. I am also working on a future pdf for a health niche going to a new blog or website storefront to be sold. I have a business background along with relatives that have been in business before me & that stand with me. I have had real trouble before & now it is all starting to sink in. thanks for your encouragement. I love interacting & talking or chatting back & forth. I have had trouble finding some of these replies back & forth & finding out where they are now. I now can go to where I want to reply everywhere without looking in or through email now. That’s what I was doing before.

    • I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment on my page here at GRAYLU! Thanks for the wishes, all the best to you as well! Looking forward to connecting with you further, Elizabeth.

  10. Aww…I used to be in the car biz a few years back. Looks as if you have found a new venture here. Success to you and thanks for the visit to my site!


    • Awesome to meet someone else who has been on the frontline in the automotive sales industry! Glad you stopped by and I appreciate the comments!

      • I appreciate the quick reply! I’d bet we could swap some great stories about standing on the “line!” Hey, best of success to you in this venture.

        We’ll be talking again soon, I’m sure…


  11. Thanks for following my blog. Hope it helps you. I will be checking out the information you have to offer too. I have written a book as well and need to finalize edits, then I am off to publish and market it. Best of luck to you.

  12. Hi Garrett,
    Thanks for stopping by God, autism, and me! Good luck on your writing endeavors. I’ve written two books, its getting them published AND distributed that’s a bear! I have no doubt you will be successful. Your blog is very interesting…not at all what I expected. What a great resource you offer here. Take care and Be Blessed!

  13. Hello Garrett,

    Thank you for following Inspired2InspireCoachingServices. I am newly self-employed and look forward to reading your articles.

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